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Nuvem-DigitalNow aims to develop key strategies and plans to achieve digital targets of a firm. Aim of digital is business optimization and return on investment.

Nuvem has expertise in business and technology. Key objective of our digital offering is to ensure alignment between business and technology. We develop road map for IT-Business alignment. We employee enterprise architecture, strategic frameworks, competitive analysis, market trends, technological advancements, and governance frameworks to translate aims to results. Our methodology is to focus on change perspective. We enable organizations to adopt change as they move towards their digital objectives.

Our Discovery service is key driver behind our Digital Now offering. We are focused to understand business, its environment and objectives. We develop digital strategies based on business case. Our target is to achieve optimized return on investment and successful change implementation through adoption.

Key objectives of our digital delivery are:

  • Define Goals
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Transformation and Adoption
  • Continuity and Improvement

We develop

  • Business Roadmaps
  • Architecture Roadmaps
  • Technology Roadmaps

And as the roadmaps are defined, next we propose solutions considering organizational viability, timelines, schedules and costs. Key focus at this stage is

  • Solution Design and Delivery
  • Solution Implementation
  • Change Management

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