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According to sources, more than 80 per cent of internet security breaches in Australia is estimated to occur to small businesses. It is serious because small businesses are the most vulnerable in terms of readiness to face Cyber threats and they are least aware as well. The cost of security breaches in terms of business interruption, loss of reputation and financial losses can mount very quickly for a small to medium sized business.

Nuvem-Assure now provides small and medium businesses the protection they need to face Cyber threats. Our approach is:

• Be aware of the risk
• Adopt industry best practices
• Offer solutions that businesses need 
• Keep costs affordable

Nuvem Infotech is your partner in Internet Security. Our solutions will secure your data, protect your customers and provide confidence to your partners to do and grow business with you. Let’s keep your stakeholders secure and happy.

Nuvem–AssureNow is focused on securing information assets and ensuring business continuity. Our objectives are to provide services and solutions to enable the business to achieve assurance for customer service and critical business process continuity.

  • Information Security Risk Assessment
  • Information Security Policy and frameworks
  • Information Security Architecture
  • Information Security Implementation
  • Information Security and Protection in real time
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Backup and Restore
  • Business Continuity Planning and Risk Mitigation

Why Us?

  • We are qualified and experienced. Over 50 years of collective experience in Industry.
  • We are passionate for businesses to secure themselves and align cyber security in their strategy and practices.
  • We understand business as well as technology. We speak the language which customer can relate to and understand.
  • We are focused on creating awareness in the market and educate our customer. (info.nuveminfotech.com/blog)
  • We advise on business continuity and disaster recovery and enable our customers to walk through a disaster with solutions.
  • Our approach is processes, people, and infrastructure. We build “cyber security posture” for our clients.
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