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We are focused on providing cost-effective solutions for our clients. With our expertise in cloud computing services whether IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, in fact, anything as a service (XAAS). We provide catered solutions to fulfill your business objectives with a customized delivery that includes:

  1. Security
  2. Backup and Data retention
  3. Automation and Monitoring through our service desk
  4. 24 by 7 support services
  5. Education and Training Services

Why Cloud Computing for SME?

With pay as you go and capacity on demand model, businesses take real advantage of IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) model with low TCO (total cost of ownership) and minimum initial investment. With controlled operational expenditures, small and medium enterprises have the advantage to adopt technological solutions that help them compete and grow.

Our managed cloud services are operated by expert technologists with qualifications and skills that are the industry standard on competitive prices with incompatible value added services.

Nuvem’s Infrastructure as a Service Cloud

We are cloud.nuveminfotech.com. We provide managed security, data backup, disaster recovery and on-demand computing all in one package. Notable features of our cloud infrastructure are:

  • On-demand computing resources (RAM and CPU)
  • High bandwidth network
  • Public and private IP addresses
  • Windows and Linux operating Systems
  • Monthly billing
  • Server Security
  • Back and Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery

We ensure to build a secure, robust and efficient platform for our customers with low TCO (total cost of ownership) and industry standards. We build, migrate and integrate infrastructure as a service on cloud based in data centers in Australia.

Through our cloud-based services we aim to provide our customers with:

  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Managed Services
  • Security and Continuity

Cloud Computing

Nuvem’s Software as a Service Products

We provide solutions and implementation services for ERP, accounting, CRM and other requirements on lower cost and efficient industry standard for small and medium enterprises.

As an important requirement for cloud adoption, we ensure that our client’s infrastructure is capable of adopting cloud-based solutions, and if not we ensure to create right infrastructure, a  secure and robust platform for cloud adoption and integration.

Cloud Integration in Action

Our expert consultants help the customers with integration services for the cloud. We develop migration plans and implement them hence integration and migration is a key value addition we aim. We follow standard project management practices for management of cloud integration and cloud migration projects. We develop schedules and budgets for our customers to ensure that all necessary resources are available and dedicated to the project. It is necessary to ensure schedule and resources for cost-effective project implementation, especially if it is production cloud integration and cloud migration.

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